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How do I register a New Account?

Go to the following URL: 

If you have not yet registered click ‘Create an Account now’.

Enter your personal information.

Fields with an astrix (*) are mandatory, then click Next.

Create your Password and Security information. 

Fields with an astrix (*) are mandatory, then click Next.

Enter your Business details.  Click ‘Lookup details’ to verify that all data is correct.

If the data is correct, the details of the pharmacy appear automatically.  

Select your Communication Preferences, then click ‘Create my account’.

You will then receive an email to say that your account is pending approval.


How long will it take to access my new account?

Once this has been approved by your Kenvue Sales Representative.  Owners/ Managers who have registered can use the site immediately after registration.  However, pharmacists and assistants may only use the site after registering and the approval of their manager.


How do I log in to an existing account?

Go to the following URL: and log in using your registered credentials. (Email address and Password)..


I have tried to register with my email address and the system says that the email address already exists.

The system does not allow duplicate email addresses as a username.  Each user must register with their unique email address.


I have an account in PHARMAGENIUS™ but I want to change the pharmacy to which I belong.

Login to the site.  

Add the new pharmacy to which you want to be associated.  

Then make this pharmacy the “primary” pharmacy.  

Remove the pharmacy that you do not want to be associated.  

Please note that this action will need to be approved.


In the registration process, I am entering a valid PHARMAGENIUS™ number but the system does not accept it.

Please escalate to Kenvue Head Office Support if the format entered was correct.  Contact Details: 012664706, [email protected]