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I am a pharmacy Manager but I do not have the option of ordering products?

All Managers should have ordering rights. Please contact Johnson & Johnson Head Office Support. Contact Details: 014665381, [email protected]


The order button and ordering basket was previously there before but now has disappeared?

The pharmacy manager might have revoked this access from you or there are no pharmacies attached to your account history.


In the order history I do not see any order that I had just placed in the last few minutes.

Orders placed online take approximately 15 minutes to be processed. Until this happens orders will not appear in ‘my saved orders’ or ‘order history’. Refresh the order history page after 15 minutes. Check with Johnson & Johnson Sales rep if the order has been received by them to process. After the Johnson & Johnson Sales representative processes the order it then goes into SAP and is queued for sending to the Wholesaler of choice. Head Office Support. Contact Details: 014665381, [email protected]


There are too many auto saved orders how do I delete them?

Every time the order basked is opened the system will automatically save the basket after two minutes. User can also manually save the order. To delete auto saved orders go to the order history page and edit the order you want to delete. Then go to the bottom of the basket and click the delete button


Copy previous orders works but not all the product items are getting copied.

During the copy order process the system checks if the previous order items are still available in Product listing that the user has chosen if the items are not there it cannot import it. The products that cannot be imported are clearly shown to the user. There will be multiple product listings the customer should change the product listing and try again.


I do not see all the products that I would like to order.

The products available in your order basket depend upon the product listing that you are eligible at the time of the order. If you are still experiencing difficulty please contact our Head Office Support. Contact Details: 014665381, [email protected]


Where do I choose my preferred wholesaler?

After the products are selected the option to select the Wholesaler of choice appears. The order will be sent to whichever Wholesaler is selected.


I own two stores but I can only see orders for one store

Check if the customer has two pharmacies registered against his account in the My pharmacies page. If this is correct check if the user is the manager of the second pharmacy. Escalate to Head Office Support. Contact Details: 014665381, [email protected].